Album Signed with Organik Recordings : 20 September 14

Signed a contract with Organik Recordings for the release of my third album. The album will be a vinyl + digital release and feature a number of new vocal collaborations plus a variety of instrumentals. More details to follow in the coming weeks

Out in the Wild on Bandcamp : 09 June 14

Out in the Wild (my second album originally released in 2013) is now up on Bandcamp

Free Track Download : 23 May 14

A new free track of mine titled 'Whats That There Then' is now up and available on a few of my sites: bandcamp, soundcloud, triple j unearthed. A slice of deep south

Remix out now on Vinyl : 14 Apr 14

My latest remix is now out on vinyl and digital. The song is Abimaro & The Free - Mark (Lo Tide's Follower Remix). Grab your copy from Bandcamp or head over to the NuNorthern Soul website for more details

Eklektik Session 15 : 17 Feb 14

Session number 15 is a selection / mix of tracks I recently put together for Eklektik Records. It includes tracks from the present and past that inspire me, as well as an upcoming remix and original of mine. I hope that you are able to check it out and find something of interest

News Flash, Well Sort Of : 23 Nov 13

I will soon have some updates regarding upcoming remixes, EPs and more with vinyl goodness a part of the lovely news. Also some new collaborations on the go as well; plenty happening

Bandcamp & JJJ Unearthed : 25 Aug 13

I recently setup a Bandcamp store which currently has my previous album as well as some freebies. I also created a page on Triple J Unearthed; which has 2 tracks to stream and download, any support would be great to see

Album Reviews : 20 Aug 13

Out in the Wild has now been reviewed on a number of sites including; Culture Remixed, Acid Ted, Seba Rashii Culture Zine, Cyclic Defrost

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