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At The End; EP (Digital) out on A Person Disguised As People

Digital Outlets: Bandcamp

DJ & radio show support from: Edge Radio (Hobart), Ping Pong Radio, Basic Soul, Dubmission

Blogs & media: Inspot Music

Just; Album (Digital) out on Diventa Music

Digital Outlets: Bandcamp, iTunes, Juno

DJ & radio show support from: NuNorthern Soul, Edge Radio, Basic Soul, Gianni N, Dubmission, Guido's Lounge Cafe, FBI Radio, Innamissions, Nova Planet Radio Show, DJ Nartak

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Albums / EPs (Digital)

Closed To Listening EP + Sun Glitters & Molo remixes (Digital) out on Imminent. Digital Outlets: Bandcamp, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Juno. DJ & radio show support from: Dubmission, FBI Radio, Yes Ma'am, Chill Out Session, Basic Soul, Edge Radio, 4ZZZ, DJ Nartak, Fine Cut Bodies, Innamissions, Audio Texture. Reviews, blog & media: A Closer Listen, Neu Tymes, Acid Ted

A Belief Too Far: Album (Digital) out on Nuages Records. Digital Outlets: Bandcamp, iTunes, Juno, Amazon, Beatport. DJ & radio show support from: Guido's Lounge Cafe, DJ Gianni N, Dubmission, Yes Maam, Basic Soul, Edge Radio, DJ Nova, Radio Daisie, Sequenchill, Independent Groove. Reviews, blog & media: Neu Tymes, A Closer Listen

Entanglement Point: Album out now on Diventa Music. Digital outets: Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, Juno. DJ & radio show support from: Dubmission, Edge Radio, FBI Radio, DJ Gianni N, Dom Servini, SYN Radio, Simon Harrison (Basic Soul), Zoltan Biro (Chill Out Sessions), 4ZZZ Radio, Below Zero, DJ Nartak (Klassik Lounge), Guido's Lounge. Reviews, blog & media: Culture Remixed, A Closer Listen, Top-40 Charts

Learn To Wait: Album out on Organik Recordings. Digital outlets: Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno. DJ & radio shows: Bandcamp Weekly, Groovy Sessions, Dubmission, Below Zero, Basic Soul, FBI Radio (Sydney), 4ZZZ Radio (Brisbane), Unherd Radio (Dom Servini), Audio Texture, Nachtschade, DJ Nartak (Klassik Lounge), DJ Jazzy Lounge, Jay Scarlett, DJ Gianni N, Boozik Lounge, Chill Out Sessions, SYN Radio (Melbourne), Edge Radio (Hobart), Chill Out Chart, Luc Forlorn, Pierre Sur Mer, Nick Rayman, DF Tram, Inamissions, Sequenchill, The New Beatmaker, Lewait. Reviews, blog & media: All The Machines, Synthesised Bliss, The Music, Different Kitchen, U Call That Love, Sir Chillicious, Bootleg Radio, Top40 Charts, Neu Tymes, Beehive Candy, Basic Soul

Out in the Wild : Album out on Audiokult Records. Digital outlets: Bandcamp, etc. Reviews: Culture Remixed, Acid Ted, Seba Rashii Culture Zine, Cyclic Defrost, A Closer Listen. DJ and radio show support from: Carmen Sandiego Show (4ZZZ Brisbane), EdgeRadio 99.3FM Hobart, ABC Radio National (Sound Quality), That's Deck, Guido's Lounge Cafe, Kerem Gokmen (Dubmission), Blair - Inside Vibe (Straightup), Audio Texture, DJ Nartak, Jazzy Lounge Radio, David Bassin (Freefall), Simon Harrison (Basic Soul), FBI Radio

Delivery Pending : EP out on Velcro City Records. Digital outlets: Beatport, iTunes, Juno, Amazon, etc. DJ and radio show support from: Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts - Unfold), Below Zero Beats, Guido's Lounge Cafe, Kerem Gokmen (Dubmission), Henrique Piraí, Nachtschade, David Bassin (Freefall), Dossiu Amudjev (Groovy Sessions), DJ Nartak, Inside Vibe (Straightup), Matteo Vanetti (COTN Radio), EdgeRadio 99.3FM Hobart, Jazzy Lounge Radio

More Than Reality More Than Reality : debut album out on Diventa Music. Digital outlets: Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno, etc. DJ and radio show support from: Julian Lennon, Weird Pigs (Rupert & Mennert), Simon Harrison (The Basic Soul Show), Dossiu Amudjev (Groovy Sessions), FreeFall Radio (David Bassin), Dom Servini, FBI radio, Sound Quality/Radio National. Reviews: Culture Remixed, Cyclic Defrost

Compilations (CD/Vinyl)

Klassik Lounge Nightflight Vol 05 (2xCD, Digital) out on Lemongrassmusic includes 'Look to the Skies'. CD shop: Klassik Radio. Digital outlets: iTunes, Amazon, Juno, etc

Future Sounds of Jazz Vol 12 (2xCD, 3xVinyl, Digital) out on Compost Records includes 'Yello Brick'. Vinyl stores: Compost, Phonica, Juno, etc. CD shops: Compost, CD Universe, Juno, etc. Digital outlets: iTunes, Amazon, Juno, etc. Reviews: DMC World, Cyclic Defrost

Remixes (Vinyl)

Mark Abimaro & The Free - Mark (Lo Tide's Follower Remix) on NuNorthern Soul. Vinyl stores: Bandcamp, Deejay.de, Capricious Records, Juno Digital outlets: Beatport, iTunes. DJ and radio show support from: Simon Harrison (The Basic Soul Show), Mark Milz (Further In Fusion), Jon Oliver (East Village Radio), Subsessions (88.9FM KUCI)

Remixes (Digital)

Quiet Fire - Calm (Lo Tide's Remix) (CD, Digital) on Kraak Records

Digital outlets: Bandcamp (CD also), Amazon, Beatport, Juno